logoyuo (2)We, humans, are remarkably resilient and self supporting. Very often we know exactly where we want to go and what works best for us to get there. A progressed focused coach keeps these kinds of thoughts at the back of his mind, when talking to his clients. He asks all sorts of questions which help the client to vividly visualise what he wants to achieve. He also helps his client to remember all the things that work for him to get there. Every now and then the coach suggests something that might help. He only does so after permission to do so.
In  helping clients make progress I describe the NOAM-seven-step-approach, a simple progressed focused coaching model. I illustrate the seven step approach with dialogues between a coach and a client. You will also find examples of progressed focused interventions with involuntary clients. These may come in handy when your client doesn’t want to talk with you because someone else thought it would be a good idea for him to be coached. This chapter starts with the concept of leading from behind. That’s a key concept which defines a progressed focused interaction.
Leading from behind