Regularly we are asked if we also give our trainings in English. So we do! For everyone who whishes to get to know the progress focused approach to coaching and get better at it, we are offering a two-day course this Autumn. You’ll find more information on our NOAM website and below:
This two-day training course is intended for coaches who wish to help their clients make progress. Gwenda Schlundt Bodien and Coert Visser will be your trainers. They will provide you with many practical progress focused coaching tools. These include the NOAM-seven-step-approach, the scaling question, the progress focused circle technique, growth mindset interventions, indirect process compliments, past success questions, etc. The progress-focused approach is based on the solution-focused approach, growth mindset theory, and self determination theory. During the two day course you will have the opportunity to try out various progress focused techniques, both in an individual setting and in a team setting. The focus in the training will be on practicing with the other participants and the trainers.