Podcast: developing your growth mindset

Podcast: developing your growth mindset. Quite often participants in our training courses ask me: how can I develop my own growth mindset? Having a growth mindset is beneficial, because people learn better, perform better, dare to take on challenges, invest more in their learning process. So whilst doing difficult things people with a growth mindset feel better and make better progress. So what can you do to develop your own growth mindset? In this podcast you get ten ideas to do just that.

Believing progress is possible

Believing progress is possible has a strong impact on actually improving. What are you good at now which you never would have believed was possible? Maybe a skill which your teachers, your parents or friends told you was beyond your capabilities? Even though it might take some time to come up with an example most people will be able to find one. It could be riding a bike, playing a musical instrument, giving presentations to large groups of people, reading books, learning a foreign language or even doing maths. We’ve all learned skills that we weren’t very good at when we started. Skills we never thought we could achieve.

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