On 27th February the Growth Mindset workshop will take place during your staff lunch. We are Coert Visser and Gwenda Schlundt Bodien and we will do this workshop with you.

This webpage

We’ve created this webpage in support of the workshop. On this page we will upload articles, videos and podcasts about the Growth Mindset theory and practice. After the workshop we will add information, articles, videos et cetera.


If you like to do something in preparation of attending the workshop you can choose one of the suggestions below:

  1. For the next three weeks, on three or four days a week, reflect on the (small) progress you made that day. On those days, make a note of your small progress. Just before the 27th read back what you’ve written down.
  2. Read this article about the growth mindset theory
  3. Read this article about misconceptions about Mindset

We’re looking forward to meeting you soon! In the mean time you can contact us here, should you have any questions.

Centre for Progress Focused Work