This website is about progress. Progress of individuals, teams, organisations and societies. This site provides you with practical and scientific insights regarding the What, Why and How of the focus on progress. Counsellors, managers, teachers, trainers and parents may benefit from the progress focused approach to achieve desired change. This approach mainly has its roots in the solution-focused approach and in social psychology. The progress focused approach is positive, goal-oriented, pragmatic and focusses on what works.Progress-focused work is a realistic, results-oriented, pragmatic and simple approach to help bring about improvement.

Why Progress?

  1. Focusing on progress motivates. Motivation to achieve a goal determines what you are prepared to do to achieve your goal. Strong intrinsic motivation is directly related to good performance and to actually achieving your goal (see Amabilee & Kramer and  self determination theory, Deci & Ryan))
  2. Focusing on getting better strenghtens your actual and perceived competence, which enables actual improvement (see competence motivation, Dweck and self determination theory, Deci & Ryan)
  3. Progress refers to a desired improvement, to change in the right direction. This is what coaching, management, organizational change and societal change are about: to move towards a desired future. (see also: solution focused work and solution focused change)
  4. Believing that progress is possible is a premise to achieving actual progress (see also growth mindset, Carol Dweck).
  5. A focus on progress has advantages as regard to content. By focusing on the achieved progress you learn from what works which enables you to do more of what works. By focusing on desired progress you become goal oriented.

This website intends to progress. It’s still modest and doesn’t pretend to be anything but this: a modest attempt to address the fascinating field of Progress.

Gwenda Schlundt Bodien is a coach, trainer and author.  Contact her here.